Whatsapp Bomber: Crash Friend’s Whatsapp By Sending Unlimited Spam Messages

Whatsapp Bomber: So guy’s in this guide i will tell you How to send spam text messages to anybody on whatsapp and crash their whatsapp. This is a simple prank which you can play with your friends by spamming their whatsapp inbox. In this trick you can send unlimited text messages in just one click to anybody on whatsapp by which victim’s whatsapp will be crashed.
As we all know that now a days everybody use whatsapp to communicate with their friends, relatives and strangers to stay connected. But sometimes we find that some people irritates us or they send spam messages so that we have solution to take revenge from such people. In this you can send unlimited text messages by just one click using whatsapp bomber. This trick is shared only for prank purpose. We’re not responsible if someone crashes your whatsapp by sending spam messages. So guy’s follow the below given steps properly to crash whatsapp using Whatsap Bomber.

What is Whatsapp Bomber ?

Whatsapp Bomber is a kind of bot which is used to send multiple texts in bulk automatically at just one click. It can send thousands of messages at just once which will crash receiver’s device and he/she would not be able to open their whatsapp until they clear data of their whatsapp. Main purpose of this tool is that you can prank with your friends and hang their device by sending them hell amount of messages at same time. In this article we have shared the full information about usage and prevention of whatsapp bomber.

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whatsapp bomber

Whatsapp Bomber

We always love to spam our friends and irritate them, what else could be more fun. In this article we would be going step by step process that How to Bomb Whatsapp by sending them unlimited messages at just one click. We have also shared the methods to prevent getting spam by Whatsapp Bomber by which you can save yourself from getting bombed. This method is shared only for educational purpose, we don’t recommend anybody to spam or bomb on whatsapp to other’s. But still you can use it as a prank with your friends. We have shared the latest working method of Whatsapp Bomber as the previous one is not working now. So i think this is enough for you guy’s to know about this, now let’s move on the main trick without wasting more time. Follow below steps properly to bomb whatsapp by spam messages.

How to Use Whatsapp Bomber to Crash Friend’s Whatsapp By Sending Unlimited Spam Messages

  • At first make sure you’ve Microsoft ,NET Framework 4.0 installed in your PC.
  • After that Download Spam Bot V2.
  • After downloading install it in your PC.
  • Now it will ask you to enter text message which you want to send as spam. Enter your desired text message in the box.
  • Now select message sending speed as per your choice like 500m/s, 8000/s etc.
  • Then open Web.Whatsapp.Com in your PC and login to whatsapp web via scanning QR Code from your mobile.
  • Now simply click on Start button from Spam Bot software.
  • Then click on Type A Message box in whatsapp.
  • Now it will automatically start sending messages at rocket speed and all messages will be sent automatically in just one click.
  • That’s it, Now sit back relax and watch fun. 😛

How to Recover Whatsapp from Whatsapp Bomber

If you’re whatsapp is hanged or not working properly after bombing your friend then you just need to follow some simple steps to recover your whatsapp account. Or if you’ve been bombed by someone and not able to use whatsapp then follow below given steps to recover whatsapp from whatsapp bomber.

  • At first Go to Settings > Apps > Whatsapp and click on Force Close
  • Now open your whatsapp.
  • Don’t open the messages of victim whom you’ve bombed or by whom you’re bombed.
  • Select that person’s chat and click on Delete Chat.
  • That’s it, Now your whatsapp will be working fine and you will get rid of bombing.
  • If still issue persists for you or above method is not working then Clear Data of your whatsapp account.
  • So by following these steps you can save yourself of getting bomber or recover after getting bombed from Whatsapp Bomber.

Final Words: So this way you can prank your friends by sending them unlimited messages in just one click using Whatsapp Bomber. If still you’re facing any issue while using this trick or having query then feel free to ask below in comment box. Also don’t forget to share this awesome Whatsapp Bomber Prank with your friends. Have a nice day. 🙁