The Reliance Jio Perception: Myth Vs Reality

As we all know that Reliance Jio started their services with Jio Preview Offer which was available on purchase of LYF 4g phones and in this preview offer they were providing complimentary unlimited access to True 4g unlimited internet, Unlimited Voice Calls, Unlimited Text Messages. Later they expanded this offer for some selected samsung devices and so on. As of now Reliance Jio services are open for all 4g users in which they’re getting access to Jio Welcome Offer which enables you to access unlimited 4g internet (4gb/day) along with unlimited voice calls & text messages.


On 5 September 2016, Reliance Jio was successfully launched and its service became available for commercial use. In our country before Jio’s launch we have seen so much hike in data packs and prices were so high of data packs as we see that Airtel Telecom is offering 1gb 3g data pack in Rs.249 which seems too much high in front of Reliance Jio. Accessing to data services with 3g/4g became out of range for a common man due to hike in their data packs. But then Reliance Jio came into market and it was like miracle and started giving nightmares since their very first day.

Let us look at it from the beginning the average Jio user has been on the Preview offer for a minimum period of six months completely discounting the Welcome offer with its 4GB/day cap. As per reliance jio quarterly reports on 30th June 2016 average monthly data consumption on their network was 26 GB per user per month. Now if we calculate 26 GB data on any other telecom operator then it would cost us around 6,500 Rs. which is not even imaginable for a common man. Along with it they’re providing free voice calls and text messages also without charging a single penny. So as per this Reliance Jio is giving us too much and asking for nothing in return.

For jio all customers are equal for them that’s why they capped the speed after 4gb usage in a day so that other user’s speed doesn’t get affected. Basically in a country where user survived on speed of 1-2 mbps, Jio has obviously done something big for such people. Another very important aspect of Jio which is not highlighted anywhere is its great sources of entertainment online apps like JioTv and JioCinema.

Lastly, we must remember that Jio is a telecom network and having unrealistic speed expectations in non-hotspot will not only hurt the telecom but the users also. Though it providing all these services free untill the end of the year 2016. It is just because of Reliance Jio that other network telecom operator are slashing their data plan rates every day. Jio knows very well that customers are key to success and they’re doing very well in convincing their customers. So finally Jio has done a lot for us without asking for anything in return.