7 Eye-Opening Hacks to Excel in Blogging Career – Personal Experience

I started my blog in the year of #### from then I discovered many blogs to know how to get traffic on my blog, how to promote my blog and what tips and tricks I should follow to make my blog a successful one. Like me, I know you also keep on searching and learning to make your blog a better source of income. With all my learning and whatever I discovered till now, I want to share some eye-opening hacks with you guys. These hacks will help you to fulfill your dream of excelling your blogging career.

7 eye opening hacks to excel in blogging career

Select One Niche

While starting a blog, as a beginner we all write about many concepts we come across. We share whatever we know about multiple topics. I suggest you guys select a single niche for your blog. To make a career in blogging, you must stick to a niche. Writing posts on multiple topics will not be helpful for you. If you select a niche and expertise with it, it will be fun for you to blog and also a great career will start for you as a blogger.

Know your audience

After starting with particular niche know who is going to read it. Once you know your audience, write the articles as you are talking to that person. Like using ‘I and You’ words. Targeting the audience will make a bond between you and them.

Invest to earn

To see blogging as a career you have to make some investment. Guys!!! don’t make horrible faces. Investing for blogging will not require a big capital like any other business. Investment here is for hosting your blog. Some bloggers say they will invest when they start earning from the blog. But this will not make it. You have to invest first.

Be responsible

As you start a blog and you have a group of readers, you are responsible for all the knowledge you deliver them. Think twice before posting any content. Readers believe you and they expect a loyal content. For each and every post you write for your reader you should quality check with responsibility. Don’t fool them by posting random lengthy content.

Check your guest bloggers before granting

Again this is for the trust reader show on you. Whenever you allow a guest blogger to write for you, you are showing your reader a path to that guest bloggers blog. Now it is your responsibility that reader should get a genuine content. Guest blogger may offer an attractive article, but it is you who can reject them.

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Don’t do shop from review market

Many bloggers get the paid reviews and paid comments for their blog. This may look like a good shortcut. But it is like fooling the readers. Don’t buy such reviews and comments. Let your success win the reviews. If you will give good contents, you will automatically get reviews and comments.

Promote your blog

You can do promotions through linking your blog to other blogs, you can write a guest article for them and can use backlinks to get the traffic.

These are the 7 eye-catching hacks you may use to make your blogging career on the go. You have to take some tough decisions, sometimes you have to reject; sometimes you have to work harder. But trust yourself and stick to do efforts and see how your dream comes true.