Trick to Resume Expired/Failed Downloads in UC Browser

You may have tried to Resume Expired Download in UC Browser but it doesn’t get resumed at all. You may have faced “Link Expired” error in Uc Browser/Mini many a times while downloading big files and we need to download the whole file again if this error appears. Usually it occurs when we pause unresumable files in Uc Browser, after pausing the file when we try to resume file then it may show “Link Expired” error.
Today we have got the solution to get rid of Link Expired Error In Uc Browser. By this trick you can easily resume the link expired or unfinished tasks in Uc Browser without any hassle. This tutorial will help out you to Resume Expired/Corrupted or Non-Resumable Download Files in UC Browser. Just follow below given simple steps to Resume your unfinished downloads in Uc Browser.

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Trick to Resume Expired Download in UC Browser

  • At first you need “ES File Explorer” or any other File Manager in your mobile phone.
  • Now while downloading the file you may get “Retrying” error as shown in image below.
  • To resume this file open Uc Downloads folder in your file manager.
  • Now you will see the two files with same name which you are trying to download.
  • Now move both files in any other folder.
  • Then open Uc Browser and copy the download link of your file and delete the file from Uc Browser’s download section.
  • Now start downloading the same file again from same link which we copied earlier or you downloaded before.
  • Now you will see that file download starts from beginning.
  • But don’t download it again, Pause the downloading file.
  • Open the Uc Downloads folder again and you will find both files again there . Now delete both files from Uc Downloads folder.
  • Now move those files again to Uc Downloads folder which we moved to another folder earlier.
  • Then open the Uc Browser and resume the paused download.
  • That’s it, Now file will resume from the last broken point where it was stopped earlier.
  • Bravo! Your downloading task will be resumed now from the earlier point.
  • Enjoy this awesome tweak and don’t forget to share it with your friends.
  • Hope you liked our comment.:) If still you face any error or you have any issue then feel free to post it in our comment section so that we can assist our readers easily.